Running Influencer Affiliate Campaigns on Aspire

Reward your top performing creators based on performance. Create incentives for the partners who drive sales and make payouts within one platform.
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Mountain Rose Herbs

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Affiliate Marketing Features

Promo Codes & Links

Save time by mass-producing hundreds of unique tracking links or Shopify promo codes and auto send them to creators.

Affiliate Discovery

Source High Quality Influential Affiliates

Discover new influencer affiliate partners through our two channels of discovery, our Creator Marketplace or Search Database (like Google Search, but for affiliates!)

Affiliate Tracking Dashboard

Measure revenue in one dashboard

Track every sale in one single dashboard, view top performers. and reinvest in those relationships.

Flexible Payout Options

Pay per sale, conversion or click

Build a reward model based on your campaign goals β€” whether you’re driving awareness or

Affiliate Performance Dashboard

Give creators transparency

Affiliates can track their promo code and link performance, as well as payment status from brands to minimize the back-and-forth.


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