Giveaways: The most effective way to gain new followers

Aug 18th, 2014 —
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Whenever brands tell us that their goal is to grow their followers on any social account, the first thing we suggest is to run a contest. The reason is that today’s audience on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Vine has a high bar for who they follow. Except on Facebook, where newsfeeds are filtered, users are constantly evaluating whether they want to clutter up their feed with the noise of an additional brand or person.
This means, if you want to get a new follower, you need to demonstrate that person clear value.

And one of the best ways to demonstrate value is to run a contest. There are many variations of a contest, but the general actions are the same: follow your account, get people to introduce their friends, and/or have people create their own content. Some examples:

  • “Each week, we’ll reward X of our followers with [Prize]”: a basic contest to incentivize people to follow your account
  • “To enter, leave a comment that includes 3 other users”: forces users to include their friends to increase the virality of the contest
  • “To enter, post a picture [doing something related to the contest]”: creates organic posts all talking about your brand to increase engagement and conversation

But running a contest is not enough on its own.  The whole point is to drive new followers, which means you need to promote the contest using content creators or have them run a giveaway. A giveaway works in a similar way, where:

  • You provide additional product(s) to the influencer to give out to their audience
  • In order to be eligible for the giveaway, their fans need to do one or all of the following:
    1. Follow your account
    2. Comment and mention 3 or more of their friends
    3. Post their own picture participating in the event
  • The influencer gets to pick the winner(s) for the giveaway and sends them the prize directly!

Creators like to run giveaways because it lets them generate additional value for their audience.  Either way, contests and giveaways will generate 5-10x more new followers than a normal creator post, so do them often!

hapatime sol small

hapatime sol small

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