Troubleshoot Your YouTube Channel With These 7 Tips For Quality Videos

Aug 3rd, 2016 —
3 minute read

Whether you’re a beauty guru, foodie expert, or DIY authority, YouTube can be a space not only for endless inspiration, but also a great opportunity to share your expertise and experience with your favorite products. And where there’s product, there’s marketing potential. This is where influencer marketing comes in: brands look for the best representatives—and best fit for the company—to introduce their merchandise, and they do this by checking out what kind of quality your channel has. Do videos have optimized titles that viewers will be interested in? Are the videos well produced and thought out? These are all the types of questions top brands will keep in mind when looking for the best match for their product on YouTube. So, we decided to put together a troubleshooting guide to make your videos really shine. 

Here’s our list of troubleshooting tips:

1. Lighting is a make-or-break. There are few things more agonizing than squinting through a dark or dimly lit video—especially when you’re trying to learn more about a product. If you’re not in a place to invest in some lighting equipment for your video space yet, then make sure the room where you film your reviews is well lit. Lots of natural light will make your videos look clean and fresh, but if you don’t have any big windows then be sure your overhead lights are bright and not too yellow.

2. Make it snappy. Take advantage of the basic editing tools that YouTube provides: in particular, keep your clips short if you’re recording yourself giving the review. If you catch yourself pausing, or punctuating a lot with “uhms” or “ahs,” you’ll probably want to trim those out for a more polished review. You can also have fun with these cuts for a playful tone to your videos with sound effects (Just don’t go overboard!). We personally think that Christen Dominique is a total pro at making her cuts quick, clean, and natural in her beauty videos. Take notes, friends.

3. Sound check (1, 2…) This is also a must, up there with what we said about lighting earlier. Don’t be shy, speak up for the camera! If you are normally soft spoken, be aware of it and compensate by raising your volume a little more than usual, or changing the microphone settings on your camera or computer. If brands and viewers have to seriously crank the volume and still struggle to hear you, it might be time to make some of these changes.

4. Tidy up the frame. It can be easy to ignore your background when working on your own video, but your viewers can be pretty perceptive as to what’s going on behind you. Above, Christen shares that she’s actually in her bedroom but has put up the blue paper backdrop behind her. Smart! The last thing you want are objects cluttering up the background and drawing the focus away from you. Worse yet, drawing attention to your messy room! A simple backdrop will absolutely ensure you’ll be taking all the spotlight within your frame.

5. Work your SEO. Search Engine Optimization. What does that mean for your YouTube? It means instead of titling your video something arbitrary like “My Hair Feels So Great” try adding an action or answer to a question searchers might have, such as “How To Get Effortless Soft Hair,” or “My Review of [Brand’s Hair Product] for Soft Hair” …. You get our point. Also a pro-tip: place text over your video thumbnail with a part of your title or a short caption about its content. Check out celeb Marianna Hewitt’s channel for ideas.

6. How you present product is important. If you’re reviewing a beauty product, whether it’s in a bottle, a jar, or on a palette, be sure to give your viewers a good look at it. Focus up the item close to your camera, show how you used it, talk about how it smells, anything that will give your subs a better understanding and feel for the product from your description. A similar guideline goes for any other type of product: this may sound obvious, but do give a heartfelt opinion and comment (beyond “This is great!”).

7. Be yourself 🙂 Our final piece of advice, YouTube was made for creators to express themselves and share experiences with others, so be true to you! Have fun with your videos and it will show. YouTube is home to some of the most passionate creators and the most loyal followings, where people find new communities and connections. And we’re all about that. 

And that’s it for our guide! With these troubleshooting tips, you’re sure to have some of the most attractive videos out there.

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