5 Up-and-Coming Furry Influencers

Nov 29th, 2018 —
2 minute read

Cat got your tongue when it comes to marketing a new product? Let these furry influencers do the talking for your brand. Collaborate with these 5 up-and-coming influencers for your next pet-friendly campaign!

@kylo_in_ohio – 11.9k Followers

Kylo and Luka are two huskies living in Ohio with their dog-mom, Dalana. Their Instagram feed captures the two of them playing outdoors or catching afternoon snoozes. Previously, they have worked with SmartyPaws Vitamins and Embrace Pet Insurance.

Key Features:

  • Perfect fit for: dog food, dog toys, and outdoor dog products
  • Audience location: Los Angeles, New York City, and London

@tunatheadventurecat – 39.3k Followers

Tuna is a cat who goes on adventures with her cat-mom, Lex. Her feed consists mostly of her exploring national parks, boating down rivers, and watching sunsets from mountaintops. Her followers are heavily engaged in their pets’ health—their community has crowd-sourced funding for over three pet surgeries now, including dental surgery for Tuna! She has partnered with Pretty Litter Cats in the past.

Key Features:

  • Perfect fit for: cat food and toys, pet health brands, and outdoor cat products
  • Audience location: London, New York City, and Los Angeles

@a_bunny_named_barnaby – 24.3k Followers

Barnaby is a bunny from Nashville, Tennessee. His content is humorous and written in first-person (or is it first-bunny?), and features him wearing costumes and driving toy cars. In the past, Barnaby has worked with Curly Tail Coffee and Paul Hewitt.

Key Features:

  • Perfect fit for: bunny food, pet costumes, and household items
  • Most mentioned brand: Petco

@mycaninelife – 74.7k Followers

Gumbo, Maple, and Aslan are three retrievers from the Pacific Northwest, living with their owners Hana and Jared. Their content typically includes the three of them camping in the forest, getting sandy at the beach, and playing with some of their dog friends. Their past collaborations have been with brands such as SmartyPaws Vitamins and Dyson.

Key Features:

  • Perfect fit for: dog treats, dog-friendly home appliances, outdoor dog products
  • Most mentioned brands: Kurgo, Barkbox, and Target
  • Audience location: Bangkok, New York City, and London

@adventuresoffishandchips – 59.3k Followers

Fish and Chips are two traveling cats from Vancouver, Canada. When they’re not hiking trails with their owners, they’re relaxing at home or eating fresh food. They’ve previously partnered with brands such as Petcurean and Dyson.

Key Features:

  • Perfect fit for: cat food, animal rescue organizations, and cat-friendly home appliances
  • Most mentioned brand: Petco

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