5 Ways to Find Influencers on Aspire

Oct 26th, 2021 — Jenn Kim
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If you’ve been searching for influencers manually by looking up hashtags or scouring the Instagram Explore page, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to an influencer marketing platform like Aspire. Keep reading to learn more about the 5 influencer discovery tools we provide to help you find better-aligned influencers quickly and easily — plus, stories of how brands utilized Aspire to find their favorite influencers and build some of their most successful partnerships.

1. Branded application pages

As the lines continue to blur around who is most influential to brands, we make it possible to invite anyone to join. First things first, we want to make it as easy and streamlined as possible to invite people to join a campaign. That’s why we have a tool that allows you to create custom application pages, where you can invite and onboard anyone to join a campaign. These application pages act as a honeytrap for whoever you want to work with — from influencers, to ambassadors, to customers, and even employees. 

Use this application page to:

  • Promote on your social media channels 
  • Add to your website so that people can apply at any time 
  • Collect relevant information from your potential partners which will automatically populate in our influencer CRM
  • Share on our Creator Marketplace and watch our active influencers sign up 

2. Influencer search engine

Imagine being able to Google search for influencers. That’s exactly what our influencer search engine gives brands access to. Our powerful search engine allows you to explore the entire influencer universe across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and online web (i.e. blogs) to see data-rich profiles and review influencers before you invite them into a campaign.  

Unlike most influencer platforms, Aspire vets the influencers that appear in our search engine to hide any inactive, suspicious, and non-influential accounts to ensure that you will only see high-quality potential partners in your search results.

Once you find an influencer who catches your eye, you can click into their profile to gain deeper insights into their engagement metrics, authenticity rating, comment sentiment, audience interests, and more. 

“Aspire has helped us save time, money, and energy. Being able to filter through influencers by specialty topics and having the right platform to do this is huge for us.”

– Nicole Rohrer, Senior Marketing Manager at iHerb 

3. Creator marketplace

Nobody likes a one-way relationship — not even in influencer marketing. Now, you can say goodbye to ignored DMs and rejected emails. With our creator marketplace, influencers can find your campaigns and reach out to you. 

Our marketplace is teeming with influencers who have specifically signed up to be part of Aspire to be noticed by brands and to take part in campaigns. This means that you can submit your campaign to our marketplace and get hundreds of proposals from influencers who are interested in your brand within days. 

The marketplace is especially helpful if you’re running a campaign that requires a very specific pool of influencers who are not easy to find via search. For instance, perhaps you’re running a back-to-school campaign and want to connect with students who are about to head off to their first year of college. Once you publish your campaign with this callout, relevant influencers can find you.

“I like that with Aspire, influencers are easily accessible. People can apply to our campaigns and I can search through dozens a day. It’s a lot easier than finding them off on your own.” 

– April Bobadilla, Social Media Manager at Ovation Hair 

4. Social listening

What if you could easily see who is already talking about your brand online? Would you invite these people into an ambassador campaign? Or maybe you would repurpose their authentic content across your other marketing channels. The options are endless when you have access to social listening for influencer marketing. 

This tool will gather every mention and hashtag of your brand, making it easy to understand campaign success, monitor your brand health, and find new creative influencers so that no opportunity is missed. We even provide monthly trend reports to help your campaign strategy and get the most successful results. 

5. Ecommerce customer integration

Have you ever wondered if any of your existing customers are influencers? Our ecommerce integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce provide a simple way for you to see which influencers are already buying your products and easily invite them to join your latest campaign. We’ve also had some brands use this tool to create a campaign for their most active customers, sending them free products rewarding them for their loyalty.   

Here’s how it works:

Are you ready to invest in an influencer marketing platform? 

Scale up your influencer program by investing in an all-inclusive platform like Aspire. Whether you’re utilizing the influencer search engine or building a custom landing page, Aspire’s wide array of influencer discovery tools will empower you with strong, well-aligned partnerships.

Want to learn more? Book an Aspire demo. 

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