Get to know the team in 10 questions: Brittany Fleit, Director of Brand Marketing

Jul 23rd, 2021 — Brittany Fleit
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1. What’s your name and what do you do at AspireIQ?

Brittany Fleit, Director of Brand Marketing.

2. Tell us about your day-to-day work.

I oversee content, communications, and design — basically, integrating our verbal and visual identity to tell a consistent brand story in multiple formats. This means I work cross-functionally with content marketers, PR, designers, copywriters, and community managers (and sometimes lead those teams). There’s more than one way you should tell a story and my goal is to tell a brand story with all these elements tied together. Those disciplines are much more related than most people realize. 

To give you an idea of projects, in any given quarter we’re creating new academies, tools, webinars and events, and learning how we can optimize existing processes. For example, we partnered with our Managed Services team to make our social media strategy best-in-class, and we’re revamping our blog to focus directly on product-led content. We’re also working on an exciting project related to our brand identity — but I can’t say more just yet.

3. Who do you interact with on a daily basis?

Honestly, everyone. One of the best parts about working at a startup is the access you have to anyone at the company and transparency within those conversations.

Marketing is super tight-knit, so I Slack/Zoom with each person on the team pretty much every day. Outside of marketing, I talk daily with our Strategy team, and weekly with our Customer Success, Sales, SDR, Managed Services, and Product teams. I also talk with our CEO and President a couple times a week to get alignment on larger initiatives, like our re-design.

4. What was your experience before joining AspireIQ, and what about this company stood out?

My career path has been a big zigzag — I definitely didn’t take a straight line to get where I am today. 

I started off my career 11 years ago on the creative writing side, balancing writing ecommerce for a few lifestyle apps with freelance journalism and advertising. Eventually, I moved over to the more data-driven content marketing and communications side. I was really excited to tackle marketing roles, as my experience as an ad copywriter came in handy for writing blog headlines, and my training as a journalist prepared me for the flipside of PR. That hodgepodge of skills I had collected early on clicked. 

While I loved climbing up the content ladder, AspireIQ gave me the opportunity to keep stretching in a broader way. I currently manage everything under the brand umbrella, which includes content, communications, community, and design. Here, I was also able to inherit a brilliant team (rather than build one from scratch), which meant I had the foundations necessary to dive deeper into strategy and innovate.

5. What do you value about AsipreIQ?

The emotional intelligence here is unparalleled from anywhere else I’ve ever worked. During the pandemic, employees gave feedback to leadership that there was pressure to be “always on” due to the switch to remote work, and not having separate work and home spaces. In response, the company started instituting mental health days to encourage more work-life balance — we now get 2 per month.

There’s also a lot of emphasis on checking in on how people are really doing during meetings. We’ve seen a lot happen in the last year: COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, wildfires, and more. One of the values I appreciate most is acknowledging that realistically, it can be hard for people to compartmentalize, what happens at home can bleed over into work, and that’s OK.

6. What kind of mentors do you have here?

I have more access to mentors here than I have at any other company — it’s actually amazing how supported I feel in this area.

My boss, Emily, is incredible. She has guided my soft skills, like communication, so that I can better collaborate with executives. She’s helped me present ideas through multiple approaches, build consensus, learn how to pivot when needed, and so much more. 

I also lean on external mentors. We often partner with Janis Spivack from Lucid Navigation. She’s a wonderful sounding board and offers expert advice for navigating change. We run group sessions with her on communication and ways to reach our personal goals, as well as meet with her 1-1 as needed.

AspireIQ also offers two more formal programs, like our 6-month mentorship program and access to career coaches via BetterUp. 

And of course, I also learn from our teammates every day. It doesn’t matter if someone is C-level or entry-level — I firmly believe that everyone has ideas that can propel our brand (and team) forward.

7. What do you enjoy about this industry?

First, I love the idea of marketing to marketers — as a marketer myself. While we can dive deep into persona research and get to know all the nitty gritty details about influencer marketers, there’s already a lot that’s intuitive and relatable. It makes work so much more enjoyable.

Second, influencer marketing is an incredibly creative industry. It’s that perfect mix of art and science, where you’re inspiring brands and influencers in a way that’s measurable. 

Third, this industry is constantly evolving, which really keeps you on your toes. The strategies we recommend to influencer marketers change year-to-year, and the channels that we implement change in terms of engagement and impact. For example, I’m seeing in-depth guides go a bit more out of fashion, while toolkits, events, and educational academies are more likely to gain the trust of prospects. I love the ability to experiment with new channels and mediums, and how that testing is encouraged by the executive team here.

8. What is happiness at work for you?

The people. AspireIQ is filled with amazing people — world-class marketers and all-around great confidants. The teammates here push each other to stretch and grow, and perhaps more importantly, put each other first. There’s no room for ego on our marketing team — everything is a team goal. Design can’t exist without content and vice versa. Same goes with demand gen, events, and product marketing. Success is a result of individuals coming together to achieve a mutual goal. And if one person is lagging behind on their results or output, other people step up to help them, knowing the favor will be exchanged down the road.

9. Any advice to candidates who want to join AspireIQ?

Be your authentic self! We preach authenticity at AspireIQ, from influencer content to being our whole selves at work.

10. Lastly, what’s your favorite New York Pizzeria?

F&F Pizzeria in Carroll Gardens. I ❤️ Frankie’s.

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