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Apr 26th, 2021 — Jenn Kim
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With the start of a new fiscal quarter, brands everywhere are looking to grow and improve their marketing strategy, and there is no better place to start than with your brand’s social media content. Sometimes a brand posting the same content on repeat can limit excitement with potential customers. It’s good to change things up once in a while to prevent your content from growing stale. If you’re going to update your brand’s marketing materials, why not have a little fun with it?

We recently showed you how to make a big impact with a small marketing budget. In this article, we’ve gathered some creative and helpful tips to liven up your branding through the power of your company’s social media.

Host a live streaming event

Live streaming videos can help create audience engagement and excitement for your brand. With experts predicting that 82% of all internet use will be for streaming video by 2022, it’s easy to see why most brands should focus their advertising through this medium. But if you’re looking for a way to really connect with your target audience, consider giving live streaming videos a try. If you’re more willing to do a live streaming Q&A with a smaller portion of your audience, you could provide a live video or call as a reward perk for your most valuable customers.

If you have an employee or existing relationship with an influencer, think about creating live product demonstrations for your customers to provide real-time feedback on your new production line.

Want to interact even more? Online board games might be a unique solution for you. These are some of the best ways to have direct interactions with your consumers, and it makes them feel a connection with you and your brand outside of just consuming products.For example, you could create a contest for a small group of lucky customers to win a chance to play you, an influencer, or each other in an online competition for a prize or bragging rights. Live stream it on everything from Facebook to Twitch, and you might be surprised by the positive responses you receive. Take a look at how Doritos leveraged livestreaming.

Start a new ad campaign

Brand recognition is often thanks to a logo or a memorable advertisement or slogan. Some brands have found great success with simple concepts like talking animals, quirky actors playing versions of themselves, or a representative from the company with a beaming personality. Ad campaigns don’t have to be limited to a recognizable character, though. Social media is a versatile tool with endless possibilities for your marketing team to reach your audience in new and exciting ways.

For example, Gopuff, a delivery service, utilizes social media marketing to increase its brand awareness with a variety of often comical tweets, educational blog posts and other creative outlets. Whatever tools you decide to use, keep your targets in mind, but don’t lose sight of the entertainment factor in marketing. Taking a positive, fun-loving approach to your branding could be the difference between being successful and remembered or completely overlooked.

Are you not sure where to start? Try looking for an outlet that can also help you get started in the social media advertising game. Tiktok, for example, provides businesses with ad campaign assistance. This is especially useful for small businesses looking to up the ante. Plus, this is another opportunity for you and your team to capitalize on current trends and use them to help promote your business. Younger viewers might respond more positively to your brand’s icon or spokesperson performing the latest TikTok challenge or dance video than they would a traditional advert. Meet with your social media team to see what unique ways you can improve your social media campaigns.

Expand your content niche

Take a step back and look at who your target audience is. Is your brand popular with older generations but not so much with millennials or Gen Zers? Since you’re looking to use your social media platforms, it might be a good idea to study what competitive brands and influencers are doing on their social channels to reach these generational niches.

Check out the latest current trends on social media and see what applies to your business. One popular trend is sharing a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of your company or at the creation of a product. A great way to expand your niche to a younger generation is to produce more audio and video content describing your services and offering “exclusive” content.

Podcasts are everywhere these days, and platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok provide the perfect outlet for putting your brand name in front of younger eyes. These don’t have to be the same old corporate videos of the past. Get creative. Use the platforms to your advantage. If one only allows for 60 second videos, then put together a fast, dynamic video with just enough relevant information to get customers to your website. Longer videos are also great because they allow you to dive a little deeper into certain aspects of your products and services. Be sure to check each platform’s analytics page to see how long audiences are watching your videos and how you can optimize that moving forward.

Add a narrative to your brand’s social persona

With your brand’s image taking shape, think about applying an overarching theme or narrative to the content you release. Not only will this get you and your team thinking creatively, but it will give consumers instant brand recognition with your company. An example of this would be the Geico insurance gecko. Granted, many of these brands are large corporations that might have access to resources you don’t, but using them as an inspiration for how you can connect with your audience is never a bad thing.

Even a loose continuity or returning brand characters on YouTube is enough to get some added attention. Teasing updates or product releases inside your short, scripted ad spots builds up anticipation for not only these products but also for the next commercial. Again, make sure your brand aligns with the content you produce and that you’re not working beyond your company’s means. A simple production for TikTok can be just as effective as a million dollar Super Bowl commercial. Connect with your creative teams and brainstorm some ideas. This is a great way to increase employee engagement and morale as well as expand your potential reach.

Walmart even turns its employees into ambassadors to tell an authentic story around the brand through engaging social content. On TikTok, audiences can see everything from the “Walmart cheer” to the cross-country “Walmart dance party.”


#duet with @brittanyhaines it’s a #Walmartdanceparty #dance #walmartsocialchamps #Snapshot

♬ Suit & Tie (feat. JAY Z) ([Radio Edit]) – Justin Timberlake

There’s no wrong way to be creative, but there are certain important factors when you’re representing your business. However you decide to get creative with your social media content, remember to keep your goals in mind. What audience are you targeting? Should you adjust your content niche some to reach a narrower or broader audience?  Remodeled ad campaigns, interactive events with customers or fans, and creative storytelling are all excellent ways to generate positive responses with your customers. Just remember to work within your budget, your team’s abilities, and the confines of each specific social media app. Above all, the most important part in revitalizing your social media content is to have fun!

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