Grow Brand Awareness Through Influencer Marketing

Whether you’re entering a new market or launching a new product line, Aspire enables you to scale brand awareness with influencers and creators.
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Is Brand Awareness The Right Goal For Your Brand?

Brand awareness should be a primary goal for:

  • Any brand entering a new market

    For example, the beauty brand typically used by older women, that wants to attract a younger audience
  • High-consideration purchase brands

    For example, diamond rings or a new sofa typically require more buyer consideration
  • Brands with long or time-based sales cycles

    For example, pregnancy products or cold & flu remedies where customers only need the product at specific times
  • New brands entering a crowded market

    For example, new brands entering the beauty or fashion industry, both very crowded spaces

Influencer Marketing Strategies For Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is a measure of how familiar your target market is with your brand or product. There are many ways to use influencers to grow your brand awareness:

Sponsored Posts

Build your brand through 3rd party validation from a trusted creator – pay a creator to authentically promote products they love.

Product Gifting

Send free product to creators to kickstart your partnership with them – if they love the product invite them to be part of a paid campaign.

Ambassador Campaigns

Build a community of brand ambassadors to share your story and authentically promote your products regularly.

Influencer Ads

Lower CPE, higher CTR. Run ads through your top performing influencers’ accounts and extend the reach of sponsored posts.

SKINN enters a new market with Aspire and achieves:

– 4.1 M Reach

– 100k Impressions

– 19% increase in web traffic

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Benefits Of Influencer Marketing For Brand Awareness

Your Beeline to Brand Trust
Influencers who spend time cultivating an engaged social media following tend to enjoy a high level of trust – getting a recommendation from one of these creators can go a long way.
Content You Can Repurpose
Content is a natural byproduct of any influencer campaign – you can repurpose this content to be used on other marketing channels in paid ads with the creators consent.
Access Niche Audiences
Take advantage of the granular niche communities that creators have built around specific topics all over TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. There is probably already a niche community online talking about the problem you solve.

Brand Awareness Features You Will Access On Aspire

Find New Influencers
Find influential partners through our search engine across TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest & Meta.
Creators Find You
Share your campaign in our Creator Marketplace and watch applications roll in.
Influencer Ads
Extend the reach of your top performing posts by running an allowlisting campaign on Meta.
Campaign Workflows
Eliminate 90% of manual processes that slow you down with flexible campaign workflow builder.
Creator Payouts
Easily pay creators once they have posted without ever having to leave the platform
Analytics Dashboard
Keep a close eye on which creator is driving the highest reach and invite them to become an ambassador

Product FAQ Questions?

Using Product Seeding, Affiliate Marketing, and PR to Increase Brand Awareness.  

Skinn and Pique Tea discuss how they capture the attention of influencers and increase their visibility.

See How They Did It >