Unlock Scale with Stories

Creators are the epicenter of storytelling and community building – use their unique voices to power your website, socials, and other marketing channels.
Content Library

Make Content Organization Easy

Organize all of your influencer-generated content in one library — no overdue notices here. Filter by campaign, project, influencer, product SKU, and more.

Influencer Whitelisting

Boost Your Best-Performing Content

You sourced some like-worthy content. Now what? Boost influencer posts to reach an even larger audience directly through the platform.

Content Licensing

Build-In Image Rights

Automatically acquire full usage rights from influencers with easy-to-use digital term sheets embedded in your workflow – no legal team necessary.

Content Approvals

See Content Before It Launches

Brand safety is our highest priority. Which is why you get the chance to ensure influencer content meets your brand guidelines — before it goes live.

Reverse Image Search

Find Creators With Similar Content

Already have high-performing content? Discover influencers with similar aesthetics by dropping an image directly into our search tool.


  • Can I approve content before it goes live?

    Definitely. Before any content asset goes live, you get the chance to ensure it meets your brand guidelines — so you never have to worry about brand safety.

  • How easy is it to search images in the library?

    Each image is automatically tagged, categorized, and synced with Google Drive, making it easy for everyone to find exactly the image they are looking for through a quick search with keywords or by dragging an image they like into the search bar.

  • Can I boost posts to get more traction?

    You bet. Using the influencer whitelisting tools directly in our platform, you can boost influencer posts to reach an even larger audience. We’ve seen brands drive significant revenue with this strategy.

  • Can I secure image rights?

    Yes! Image rights are built-in on Aspire. Easy-to-use digital term sheets are embedded in your workflow so you automatically acquire full usage rights from influencers.