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It’s easy to get overwhelmed with questions like who are influencers? How do I find the right ones for my brand? How much do I pay them? And maybe most difficult question of all, how do I measure their success? That’s why we brought in people who have faced and overcome these challenges to share their tried-and-true experience.

Course curriculum

  • Welcome to Aspire’s Ambassador Academy!
    • Welcome + course walk-through
    • Before we begin…
  • Intro to ambassadors
    • [Video] Intro to ambassadors
    • [Recap] What is a brand ambassador?
    • [Recap] Benefits of an ambassador program
    • [Recap] Ambassadors vs influencers
    • Test your learning
  • The evolution of influencer marketing
    • [Video] The evolution of influence
    • [Recap] A timeline of the influencer marketing industry
    • [Recap] Expanding the sphere of influence
    • [Recap] Shifting to long-term partnerships with authentic brand enthusiasts
    • Test your learning
  • The 9 fundamentals of ambassador program strategy
    • [Video] The 9 fundamentals of ambassador program strategy
    • [Worksheet] AspireIQ’s ambassador program strategy builder
    • [Recap] The strategy planning process
    • [Recap] The CARES model
    • Test your learning
  • How to identify ambassadors
    • [Video] How to identify brand ambassadors
    • [Worksheet] Ambassador persona planner
    • [Recap] Turning influencers into ambassadors
    • [Recap] Other powerful ambassadors
    • [Recap] 5 tactful ways to identify ambassadors
    • Test your learning
  • How to manage your ambassador program
    • [Video] How to manage your ambassador program
    • [Recap] Onboarding ambassadors
    • [Recap] Educating ambassadors
    • [Worksheet] Brand guideline planner
    • [Recap] Activating ambassadors
    • [Recap] Rewarding ambassadors
    • [Recap] Empowering ambassadors
    • Test your learning
  • How to measure & report success of your program
    • [Video] How to measure impact
    • [Recap] Analyzing your ambassador program
    • [Recap] Auditing your program
    • [Recap] Acting on your findings
    • Test your learning
  • Next steps
    • Congrats! Here’s what’s next…
    • More resources for you
    • [Survey] Before you go…