Aspire’s Influencer Academy

Everything you need to know to build, run, and track a successful influencer marketing program. Taught by industry experts.
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Taught by industry leaders

Gabriella Koek
Influencer Associate Manager
Georgina Whalen
Apartment Therapy
Influencer & Talent Manager
Kara Salazar
European Wax Center
Social Media/Influencer Manager
Kristina Aviles
Senior Specialist in Influencer Marketing
Lindsay McClelland
Little Sleepies
Director of Marketing
Maddie Kirkland
Right Rice
Social Media/Influencer Manager
Magda Houalla
Director of Marketing Strategy
Marilyn Tounger
Campaign/Social Media Services Manager

Course curriculum

  • Welcome to Aspire’s Influencer Marketing Academy!
    • How to use this course
    • Before we begin…
  • Defining business objectives
    • Full Lesson 1
    • [Recap] Defining your influencer marketing objectives
    • [Recap] What can influencers do for your brand?
    • Influencer marketing strategy planning worksheet
  • Building a tailored strategy
    • Full lesson 2
    • [Recap] Intro to strategy building
    • [Recap] Strategies to increase brand awareness
    • [Recap] Strategies to foster community & increase followers
    • [Recap] Strategies to drive website traffic
    • [Recap] Strategies to source branded content
    • [Recap] Strategies to increase sales
  • Get creative: Planning your campaign theme
    • Full Lesson 3
    • [Bonus video] Campaign best practices
    • [Bonus video] Choosing the right platform for your campaign
    • [Recap] Examples of creative campaigns
    • [Recap] Your campaign timeline
  • Identifying the perfect influencers for your brand
    • Full lesson 4
    • Influencers’ most used hashtags
    • [Recap] What makes the perfect influencer?
    • [Recap] 6 ways to discover influencers
    • [Real world example] How Aura Frames found their most successful partnership
  • Creating & managing relationships with influencers
    • Full lesson 5
    • [Recap] Negotiation 101
    • [Recap] Managing collaborations & creating contracts
    • Influencer collaboration terms template
    • [Email template] How to get influencers to respond to your campaign proposal
  • Getting budget & paying influencers
    • Full lesson 6
    • [Recap] How to get budget for influencer marketing in 5 easy steps
    • [Recap] How much to pay influencers – with a calculator!
    • [Recap] How to negotiate pricing like a pro
  • Determining influencer marketing ROI
    • Full lesson 7
    • [Recap] What does return on investment mean?
    • [Recap] Understanding total media value
    • [Recap] How to measure ROI – template included
  • Advancing your career in influencer marketing
    • Full lesson 8
    • [Recap] Why influencer-generated content is so valuable
    • [Recap] How to become your marketing team’s hero (& get promoted)
  • Next steps
    • More resources for you
    • [Survey] Before you go…