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Sit back & let influencers come to you. Augment your search by sharing your campaign on our marketplace and get hundreds of proposals from genuine fans, like influencers, ambassadors, and industry experts.

Authentic Influencers

Say Farewell to Fake Followers

Make influencer partner decisions with confidence. Influencers who opt into Aspire’s marketplace agree to share their data, so we utilize proprietary tools to vet them for engagement and authenticity — you can even see what percentage of their following are bots.

Niche Campaigns

Pinpoint the Perfect Partners

Ease your search. Even if your campaign calls for specific partners, like women early in their pregnancy journeys or students heading to college, you can broadcast your call and find relevant influencers in days.

Get Started Faster

Spend Less Time Onboarding

Find experienced influencer partners, easier than ever. Since influencers have opted into the marketplace, they are experienced with influencer marketing software, making them more reliable, quicker, and easier to work with.

Budget Conscious

See Success on a Shoestring

Make a big impact on a small budget. Many marketplace influencers are up-and-coming voices, who are more affordable for emerging brands with tight budgets that may not be able to afford celebrity-level influencers.

Aspire has been a powerful asset when it comes to specific, niche campaigns.”

Rachel Bindl
Social Media Manager at Stella & Chewy’s

We find some of our highest quality brand partners with Aspire’s marketplace.

Matthew Thompson
Senior Manager of Social Media at Splenda

Finding influencers has never been easier!

Nicole Rohrer
Senior Marketing Manager at iHerb