Scale Influencer Programs Quickly with Aspire’s Marketplace

Don’t tell us you’re manually searching through 30M influencers. Allow high-quality influencers to apply directly to your campaign in the world’s only creator marketplace.
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Creator Marketplace

Forever Free Inbound Interest

Where else can you go to tap into incredible inbound demand…for free? Marketplace allows talented creators to raise their hand as a true brand fan. No fees or commission taken – ever. 

Two-Fold Discovery Channels

If you’re only manually searching for influencers, your influencer platform is stuck in 2015. Tap into the exponential power of Aspire’s data-rich search engine plus Marketplace’s free inbound interest engine. 


  • Does Aspire take any fees or commissions?

    No, never. Our marketplace is entirely free for brands, and all payments go fully to creators.

  • Is Aspire an opt-in network?

    No! Marketplace creators have raised their hand as a high ROI performer, allowing us access to their data. Then, Aspire utilizes proprietary tools to vet them for engagement and authenticity. You also have access to our AI-powered 6M+ search database that filters out inactive, suspicious, and non-influential accounts, so you’re only sourcing influencers built for high ROI.

  • Do other influencer marketing platforms offer marketplaces?

    They don’t! Aspire has created the world’s largest creator marketplace, and other platforms only offer search, forcing you to spend hours digging through millions of unqualified influencers.

  • Can other brands see the creators involved in my campaigns?

    Nope! If you import a current customer list, those influencers remain private and will NEVER be shared in the Marketplace to other brands.

Automate More

Save Time on Sourcing

Publish your campaign in a few seconds, and watch hundreds of proposals roll in. It’s one of the most beloved automation tools we’ve built to save you time and let your focus remain on cultivating authentic, long-term relationships. 

Diverse Voices

A Talent Roster with Depth

Experience the magic of true creative geniuses telling your brand story – with award-winning digital illustrators, athletes, musicians, moms, and photographers, Marketplace is hub of untapped talent.

Scale Your Brand

Your Must Have Tool for Ecommerce

Without Marketplace, your campaigns are limited by your ability to spend hours searching for influencers. Accelerate true scale and receive hundreds of proposals from genuine fans, like influencers, ambassadors, and industry experts…on autopilot.

Aspire has been a powerful asset when it comes to specific, niche campaigns.”

Rachel Bindl
Social Media Manager at Stella & Chewy’s

We find some of our highest quality brand partners with Aspire’s marketplace.

Matthew Thompson
Senior Manager of Social Media at Splenda

Finding influencers has never been easier!

Nicole Rohrer
Senior Marketing Manager at iHerb