Creator Referral Program

Are there brands you’re working with that might benefit from a platform like Aspire? Send them our way and earn some extra cash.
Start Earning

Refer Brands, Get Cash

As a creator, you can receive $150 for each qualified brand that books a demo through your referral. We’ll also feature you on our Preferred Partners List, giving you the chance to earn even more collaboration opportunities with amazing brands!

Take Control of Your Brand Partnerships

Tired of chatting with brands over DMs, emails, and various platforms? Keep all of your collaborations organized and in the same place by migrating your relationships into Aspire.

Get More Exposure Through Aspire Preferred Partnerships

When you sign up for our referral program, we’ll feature you on our Preferred Partners List, giving you the chance to get more collaboration opportunities with amazing companies.

Maintain Great Relationships With Brands

No need to leave brands on read. Instead of turning brands down, refer them to Aspire so that we can help them find other influencers who might be a better fit for their campaign. Plus, you’ll still get paid!

Why Brands Love Aspire

Easily Find On-Brand Influencers
Using both our industry-leading influencer search engine and our active marketplace of thousands of creators, brands can pinpoint great influencer partners right away.
Organize Influencer Relationships in One Place
No need for spreadsheets. Keep all collaborations organized and know exactly what’s next for each relationship.
Drive Measurable Revenue & ROI
Easily track promo codes, affiliate links, engagement, reach, and more to understand exactly which influencers & campaigns are showing the highest ROI.


  • Who can apply to Aspire’s referral program?

    Creators with the following are eligible to sign up for our referral program:

    • Completed at least 1 campaign on Aspire
    • Have above a 4-star rating
    • Do not have outstanding delinquency strikes
  • How does the referral program work?

    Get started in 3 easy steps:

    1. Sign up to receive your unique link to track brand referrals
    2. Spread the word about Aspire to your brand partners
    3. After a qualified brand signs up for a demo, you will receive $150 to your PayPal
  • What is a qualified brand?

     A brand qualifies if they have all of the following:

    • B2C product
    • 5+ employees 
    • Dedicated marketing or executive title
    • Business email and/or LinkedIn profile
    • US, Europe, and/or Australia geographical target markets
    • $1M+ in revenue
    • No agencies