Fashion Marketing: How to Get Noticed

Why Social Media and Fashion Marketing Fit So Well Together

Image is everything in fashion. After all, fashion is first and foremost a visual industry because when it comes to designer apparel, consumers buy first with their eyes, then validate the purchase afterward. And, it is for this very reason why social media and fashion marketing are a match made in heaven.

Fashion marketing needs to be able to do so much more than just showcase a clothing line. It needs to be able to effectively generate an image of the particular lifestyle represented by the clothing in the mind of the consumer. For instance, you’re not buying just a leather jacket; you’re buying the tough and ruggedly handsome appeal that the leather jacket will add to your life. Or, instead of buying a dinner dress, you’re buying the sophisticated allure that the dress represents. More than any other medium, social media’s visually-driven platform is practically made for marketing fashion. Social sites like Instagram and YouTube allow you to share your fashions with millions of people in a matter of seconds. Few marketing methods can match the level of exposure and affordability offered by social media marketing.

Build your fashion brand faster with influencer marketing

When you enter the world of social media marketing, you have options. You can choose to create your own channels on these mediums and market your line through them or you can partner with social media fashion influencers and take advantage of their trust they’ve built with their audiences. Alternatively of course, you can use both. There’s a reason why Influencer marketing is the ideal way to build brand exposure for those in the fashion industry. Fashion is a mega-topic on social media, especially on the visually-driven platform Instagram, which currently has more than 300 million users. More importantly, product and lifestyle promotion are key on Instagram. Look at the success of Madewell, a company that creates timeless denim designs and accessories. The company launched an influencer marketing campaign to promote the anniversary of its signature tote. Using just five strategically chosen Instagram fashion influencers and #TOTEWELL, the company was able to reach over one million targeted consumers thanks to the high-quality content created and shared by their five influencers. Madewell also re-grammed the photos on its own channel and featured the influencers on its company blog for a highly effective cross-promotion campaign. The Gap is another example of influencer marketing success. Recently, the retailer started its campaign using a wide selection of influencers across multiple platforms. The influencers were photographed wearing Gap products and the photos were shared with brief blurbs discussing the influencer and their distinct style choices. The campaign was a resounding success, which because of the Gap’s use of a variety of different influencers, led to the brand being introduced to new niche markets.

Influencer fashion marketing is the next big thing and its here now

Many online marketers are touting Instagram as the next big thing in digital marketing, but the truth is it’s already here and working for thousands of fashion designers and clothing manufacturers. Instagram influencer marketing works for the fashion industry because it reaches millions of consumers in the key demographics targeted by most fashion brands. By partnering with the right Instagram influencers, your fashion marketing campaign can gain immense exposure for your brand that will undoubtedly result in stronger recognition and increased sales.