What are Influencer relations?

Influencer relations is one of the most overlooked aspects of an influencer marketing campaign. Investing in influencer relations will increase your brand’s engagement with followers, escalate brand awareness, and drive sales figures through the roof.

Everybody wants to be valued, don’t they? And the reality is that influencers perform better when they feel appreciated. That’s why when a content creator feels loved… they can be an unrivaled marketing weapon.

When marketing your brand, dedicating time to creating positive influencer relations will also positively impact your marketing ROI.


Because influencer relations build longer-term relationships with influencers. Content creators can become brand evangelists, promoting your product or service long after an initial marketing campaign.

How to succeed at influencer relations

Successful influencer relations starts by making a great first impression. Once you have identified key influencers you want to work with… make them feel special from the get-go.

Positive introductory engagements can catch your desired influencers’ attention and can be done by:

  • Sending free products, also known as product seeding
  • Following, sharing, or commenting on their social media posts
  • Emailing personalized outreach communications (check out our email brief template)
  • Posting handwritten messages

Once you partner with an influencer, maintaining authentic influencer relations throughout the campaign is vital. Yes, regularly keeping in touch enhances these influencer relations. However, asking for input and feedback gives an influencer a further incentive to want your campaign to succeed.

Advantages of investing in influencer relations

An influencer marketing campaign aims to hit your brand’s target audience with authentic and engaging content. Two-way communication fuels these collaborations. Influencer relations energize influencers to achieve these goals by providing a Call To Action (CTA) to your product or service.

Influencers love creative control over their work, and excellent influencer relations make them brand-focused, motivated content creators. When an influencer feels valued, they develop a genuine vested interest in promoting your brand to their followers.

Ultimately, influencer relations can lead to future collaborations and brand ambassador partnerships with inspired content creators. Additionally, affiliate marketing and influencer allowlisting provide excellent opportunities beyond an initial influencer marketing collaboration.

Keen to know more about managing and elevating your influencer relations? Chat to a member of our team about Aspire’s unmatched communication and campaign management tools.