Paid Brand Marketing

Why Influencers are the Perfect Accompaniment to Paid Search and Paid Social

Paid brand marketing is not a new concept. Brands have been paying for advertising since the dawn of the industrial age. But, since that time, the avenue in which brands have broadcasted their message out to the masses has changed.

Although conventional tactics like commercials, billboards, and magazine ads are still prevalent forms of paid marketing, today’s tech-savvy marketers understand that their greatest ROI potential is online.

If you’re like most, you probably rely on paid social and paid search. But, is that really enough to reach your brand’s full marketing potential among today’s mobile-dependent consumers?

Why influencers are the perfect accompaniment to paid search and paid social

If you’re not sure what influencers are; they’re social media experts who have amassed very large followings of fans. They work hard to build and maintain relationships with their followers on a daily basis and as such, their followers are always interested in what they have to say and share. Among today’s millennials, these social media stars are so revered they even eclipse traditional celebrities in terms of status and fandom.

Because social media influencers have such close and personal relationships with their fans, their fans trust them implicitly and this trust is something that brands can utilize to help maximize exposure and identity.

Even though paid search and paid social are excellent marketing resources that both pay off well in terms of ROI, limiting your online marketing to just these two sources is a mistake. Adding paid influencer marketing can dramatically improve your brand’s online identity and help attract an entirely new population of fans, all because an influencer posted something positive about your brand on their social media channel.

Yes, influencer marketing really can be that powerful and effective.

How to find the right influencers for your brand

Social media is a massive construct. And, there is an amalgam of personalities online. But, among the crowd are select influencers who are best qualified to promote your brand and its products or services. The problem for most companies is filtering out all of the noise and finding those influencers that offer the best potential for collaboration. This is where Revfluence comes in.

Revfluence has a directory of social media influencers waiting to be partnered with quality brands. We make it easy for you to find the influencers, or “creators,” who are in the best position to expand your brand’s online presence. And with Revfluence, you’re able to validate the influencer’s prominence in your field before choosing to partner with them. This ensures that your message is being delivered directly to your target audience via the social media channels they use all day, every day.

With 71% of today’s consumers making purchasing decisions based solely on social media influence, paid influencer marketing not only makes sense; it works. If you want to maximize the potential of your paid brand marketing, add influencer marketing to your paid search and paid social strategies and watch your brand’s image really take off.