Deconstructing the Consumer Engagement Gap

70.4% of brands already have an active community, and another 26.3% expressed desire to build one. The future of marketing is here β€” and it’s brand communities.
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β€’ 92.3% of brand respondents say that community has positively impacted their brand

β€’ Users feel brands still have a ways to go. Only 21.7% of users surveyed said their favorite brand does a good job of interacting with them in a personalized way

β€’ Over 66% of users surveyed do not feel like they contribute to a brand’s story, content, product, or service β€” but half of those people were eager to contribute more

β€’ Users crave more two-way connections, with 52.2% wanting to join a loyalty program and 42% wanting to contribute feedback to a product or service

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