The State of Influencer Marketing 2019

Searches for influencer marketing have risen 90x over the past five years — and within a decade, we’ve gone from 0 to 93% of marketers practicing it. Brands and influencers treat their methods as trade secrets, and while the world is awash in articles about it, little has been shared on the statistical specifics.
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An Analysis of the Social Media Ecosystem

2020 has been the year of digital connections, with more people utilizing social media to communicate with each So we produced a report that leverages Aspire internal data and surveys to keep up with the maturing influencer marketing industry.  Download this report to find out more about: 

• The influencer community and how it behaves

• The average pricing on Instagram compared to other platforms

• The fastest growing platforms and content types

• The average campaign budget and ROI

• How and where brands are repurposing influencer content

• And how your influencer strategy needs to evolve for the future

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