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Hire Aspire’s in-house team to professionally manage influencer programs of any size. Our experts are your partners for world-class influencer marketing strategies.
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Partnering With Us

Aspire’s Strategic Services team is trusted by global Fortune 500 companies, top tier enterprise companies and startups.

With custom, turnkey, á la carte and hybrid packages we can work with you in a variety of different ways. From strategy to execution to paid ad campaigns, we can support you across the entire influencer campaign lifecycle.

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How We Support Brands Like You

1. Strategic Planning

Need an experienced partner to map out a winning influencer, ambassador, affiliate or social media strategy? Then look no further. Whether you’re developing your marketing annual plan or in need of guidance for a product launch, our team will leverage insights from our Aspire platform to create a custom plan for your exact needs.

2. Paid Influencer Campaigns

Utilize the power of influence to reach an audience that’s perfectly suited for your brand. We’ll help you find new influencers and handle contracts, briefing and negotiations with influencers of all tiers and categories to create content that meet specific campaign goals for your brand.

3. Paid Advertising and Allowlisting

Running paid ads alongside influencer-generated content is the perfect way to strengthen your influencer campaigns. We will build your strategy and execute various types of paid ad campaigns such as influencer allowlisting so you can take a performance based approach to your influencer marketing campaigns.

4. Product Seeding and Gifting Campaigns

Finding brand ambassadors is one of the most important parts of your influencer and social programs. We offer scaled product gifting programs to find and activate ambassadors and grow your brand advocacy.

5. Influencer Generated Content

We know that in this era of influencer and social media marketing, content is queen. We’re experts at building Influencer Generated Content including but not limited to photography, videos and gifs to fuel social media growth and engagement. 

6. Influencer Sourcing For Events

Add real-time influence to your events with our carefully curated invite list of influencers. We’ll source an invite list for your event, contract any paid influencers, and coordinate all attendance on your behalf. Need support for event management? Our partners can work with us to run the event start to finish and really wow your ambassador and influencer partners.


“I’m so happy to have found Aspire! Before working with Aspire, we were missing… 1) a way to efficiently track the front-end KPIs from our influencer content & 2) the ability to look up the psychographics of any influencer partners’ communities. Incorporating Aspire’s technology into our influencer strategy has been invaluable. Plus, their team is so easy to work with, so kind & so knowledgeable! I highly recommend their technological + agency services to any company!”
Katrina Hermann
Brand & Channel Marketing

The Company Store

“We came to Aspire’s Influencer Marketing Agency Services looking for a partner to support our small marketing team in developing a stronger influencer strategy while also supporting in the day-to-day with influencers. The team has driven triple digit growth for our company in the most recent quarter. Aside from the success from a KPI perspective, the team has been wonderful to work with, always coming to the team with creative ideas, willingness to test and learn, and ability to be nimble as needed.”
Sarah Greenhall
Marketing Manager

European Wax Center Turns Top Creators Into Long Term Ambassadors on Aspire

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Meet The Team

Our team is made up of social media strategists and marketers with experience across top ecommerce verticals, and with brands of all sizes.  We use our collective experience and deep industry knowledge in combination with our industry-leading influencer marketing platform to provide you with clear insights, measurable results, and long term growth toward your unique goals.

Meghan Guy
Account Director
Auburn Berry
Account Director
Megan Greenhalgh
Account Director
Allie Arnott
Senior Campaign Manager & Strategist
Aubrey Rojas
Senior Campaign Manager, Social & Influencer
Ana Murray
Operations Manager

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Tools You Get Access To On The Aspire Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer Search
Aspire’s Influencer Search Engine enables you to search millions of new influencers across Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook.
Creator Marketplace
List your campaign on Aspire’s unique Creator Marketplace and watch high-quality influencers apply to be part of your campaign.
Flexible Workflows
Eliminate 90% of the manual processes that slow you down with our customizable campaign workflow builder.
Relationship Management
Get the tools to efficiently manage influencer campaigns, affiliate programs, product seeding, and more — with no limitations.
Drive Sales
Create incentives for the partners who drive sales and make payouts within one platform.
Measurement & ROI
Sell more, guess less. Confidently measure full-funnel ROI and sales with best-in-class tracking and reporting.