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Aspire’s Influencer Search Engine enables you to search influencers across Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook.
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Find Influencers Faster

Like Google Search, But For Creators 

Search the world’s top influencers, ambassadors, creators, or affiliates by any criteria across all social channels. 

Gather Insights, Then Connect

Analyze Engagement Before You Invite

View data-rich influencer profiles to vet engagement rate, audience demographics, and more to ensure they are the perfect match before you invite them into a campaign.

Connect at Scale

Contact Thousands of Creators In One Go 

Send personalized emails to each influencer inviting them to take part in a campaign, saving you hours to focus on nurturing ongoing relationships. 

Influencers, Ambassadors, Creators, Affiliates
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Features & Functionality

Broad reach

Access Millions of the world’s top influencers, creators and affiliates across six of the world’s largest social media networks: Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Meta, Youtube and Twitch.

Influencer insights

View data-rich influencer analytics before you invite anyone to a campaign to ensure you’re choosing the best partner for your brand.

Advanced filters

Browse by location, industry, engagement metrics, audience demographics, hashtags, keywords and much more.

Image Search

Already have high performing influencer content? Use our Image Search tool to find other influencers that match your brand’s aesthetic – one of our customers’ top rated tools!

Aspire’s Influencer Search Engine makes vetting new partners a breeze. The filters save me hours of manual searching; and, since we are always on the lookout for on-brand creators with influence in the home and lifestyle space, the audience demographic information is particularly beneficial.
Shae Varholak
Partnerships & Community Marketing Manager at Outer

Got Questions About Influencer Search?

  • Is Aspire an Opt-In Network?

    No – Aspire does not require creators to op-in in oder to be discoverable on the platform. Brands can search for any  creators regardless of whether they have signed up to Aspire.

    The reason people get confused and think we are “only opt-in” is because we also have an opt-in creator marketplace. This is what makes Aspire unique over any other influencer marketing platform in the space. Read more about our opt-in creator marketplace >

  • Do you have influencers in my industry?

    We pull in creator profiles across all industries but our most popular industries are beauty, fashion, apparel, fitness, health, wellness, home goods, kids, pets, food & beverage, travel, hotels, entertainment and consumer electronics. Household brands such as L’OREAL, Purple, and Ruggable, have all sourced creators directly from Aspire.

  • How much should we pay influencers?

    Our data-rich platform offers pricing recommendations based on influencer engagement, following, industry and other authenticity metrics. You can use these as a benchmark on how much to pay influencers and adjust according to your budget and goals. Looking for more info, check out this blog on how to incentivize influencers → 

  • What is the “Authenticity Score”?

    “Authenticity Score” is a metric that appears on the influencer analytics profile. It helps you evaluate the quality of creators. In addition, if you find a creator you’d like to work with, you will also be able to request Instagram Insights, an official API from Instagram, to review and validate a creator’s demographics data before officially working with them, something that is really tricky without a platform. 

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