Sell More, Guess Less

Confidently measure full-funnel ROI and sales with best-in-class tracking and reporting, empowering growth in a cost-effective and sustainable way.
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Sales Tracking

Create Sales-Driven Campaigns

Watch the $$$ roll in. Get a snapshot of all sales and conversions driven by influencers — in one dashboard.

Affiliate Tracking

Turn Influencers Into Affiliates

Reward top earning influencers with cold hard cash. Create incentives for those who drive sales and then make payouts within one platform.

Shopify Promo Codes

Tie Relationships to Revenue

Take the guesswork out of ROI. Create unique Shopify promo codes for every influencer in your campaign and see real-time results via sales tracking.

Analytics Dashboard

See Brand Awareness Soar

Transparent campaign results? Yes please. See the impact influencers have on brand visibility, engagement, and sales over time.

Content Measurement

Content Measurement

Content is king. Understand what each piece of content really brings to the table with in-depth performance metrics.


  • Can I track direct sales?

    Yes! Our ROI dashboard provides transparent results on brand awareness, engagement, and sales driven through promo codes and unique links.

  • What tracking options do you offer?

    Affiliate links and promo codes are the two best ways of tracking revenue and sales. You can bulk create hundreds of unique promo codes in seconds, automatically email unique tracking links, and pay out influencers seamlessly.