Aspire is a Preferred Partner for Meta, TikTok and Pinterest.

We are the only influencer marketing platform on the market with direct partnerships and integrations to all three of the top social media platforms for brands.

Direct Partnerships Over 3rd Party Integrations Any Day — Here’s Why:

Allowlist Ads
No other platform has direct integration with Meta. That means brands have to pay large fees to 3rd party vendors to access allowlisting — something Aspire offers natively at no extra cost.
Feature Releases
Aspire is first to hear about new features and capabilities. This means we are the first to build them into our platform and make them accessible to brands.
Strategies & Trends
Aspire is included in all annual industry trend and strategy briefings. This ensures our customers are always working off the latest industry knowledge.
Aspire + Meta Partnership Benefits

All Access on Meta

Get full, direct access to Meta’s allowlisting capabilities and run ads through your creators account. We meet with Meta product and strategy team regularly to learn about the latest and greatest feature releases so our customers are always be in the know.

• No hidden fees for Meta products and features like influencer allowlisting.

• Our CEO and Sr. Director of Influencer Strategy were speakers at the Meta conference this year.

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Aspire + TikTok Partnership Benefits

Did TikTok Make You Buy It?

Access first-party data on TikTok’s Creators and campaign performance. First party data means you get the most accurate audience demographics and content performance metrics in a centralized platform. In addition to this:

• Each year, we’re included in TikTok’s annual trend briefing meaning our customers are always in the know.

• Our VP of Influencer Strategy has been invited to build TikTok’s creator marketing strategy for brands – as a customer you get access to these strategies first!

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Aspire + Pinterest Partnership Benefits

Pinterest’s Platform Of Choice

We’ve not only been vetted by Pinterest for knowledge and technical expertise as a partner, but Pinterest also uses Aspire to run their own influencer marketing campaigns.

Through this direct partnership, you can uniquely access:

• Creator’s unique monthly viewer count. (The key metric used to define an influencer on Pinterest.)

• Advanced Pin Stats: Including impressions, clicks,
and closeups per pin.

• Global data trends in real time

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Our partnership with Aspire makes it easier for brands to tap into the collective power of our diverse community of creators and reach niche audiences with value-driven products and content.”
Jyri Kidwell
Head of Creative and Creator Partnerships, TikTok

Ruggable leverages Aspire + Meta’s Allowlisting feature to Boost ROI

Ruggable saw a higher return on ad spend (ROAS) and lower cost-per-engagement (CPA) when running allowlisting campaigns through Aspire.

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