The Bouqs Company

How Bouqs used influencer-generated content to optimize ads and increase engagement boosted sales by managing influencer marketing with Aspire.

As Social Media Manager at The Bouqs Company, Tricia Teschke’s main goal is to tell the brand’s story through content. Because flowers tend to be an emotional product, Tricia wants to stand apart from other flower brands whose content tends to lack the authenticity and the human element that are critical for engagement. 

Tricia views influencers as content creators and storytellers, so she knew soliciting them to create content for their marketing and acquisition channels would allow her to source large amounts of authentic content as well as generate brand awareness and growth. 

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The Challenge

Tricia’s social media strategy is focused on storytelling, not transactional relationships with influencers. Bouqs’ social media campaigns revolve around major moments in people’s lives such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving. Bouqs also runs seasonal campaigns that revolve around the emotions that different times of the year inspire.

Before Aspire, Tricia struggled to source large amounts of authentic content that aligned with its seasonal strategies and product pipelines. She found that the content created in-house and used for acquisition channels felt like ads, and was therefore not receiving the amount of engagement that Tricia had hoped for.

To make her social media acquisition channels more effective, Tricia needed to make her offer-based content more relatable to the audience. Tricia wanted to build long-term, organic relationships with influencers in order to source content that resonates with the average consumer. However, without the right tools, she was not able to efficiently scale her influencer management process.

The Solution

Aspire allows Tricia to quickly find influencers that meet each campaign strategy’s criteria. For example, she can easily source and reach out to Mommy bloggers within a specific age range for a Mother’s Day campaign or couples for a Valentine’s Day campaign with a easy search. She can then simply hover over an influencer to see a quick snapshot of their content, ensuring that they post imagery that is on brand, authentic, and high quality before moving forward.

With Aspire, Tricia is able to create and send influencers campaign briefs with strategic objectives that align with the brand’s priorities. She can then easily keep track of each influencer relationship and more efficiently send products, review content, negotiate pricing, and everything in between.

Aspire allows Tricia to see which influencer posts have the most engagement so that she can use these findings to improve brand guidelines and campaign briefs for future campaigns.

The Results

Aspire has allowed Tricia to source authentic content that has optimized her ad campaigns and increased the brand’s reach. Influencer-generated content currently accounts for 25-30% of Bouq’s content and Tricia expects this percentage to increase by 2018. 

In July, Bouqs launched a “Golden Hour” campaign aimed at evoking the feelings of summertime and introducing their new summer lineup of products. Tricia was able to launch 20 sets of creative on July 17th, the day of the Bouqs summertime product launch. It was the first time Bouqs sought out influencers not just for social media engagement, but for content that Bouqs would repurpose in ads and on their website. 

The Bouqs Company

“The more content you give Facebook, the more efficient you’ll be because you can show ads to more people. We’ve never before had that much content at the moment of launch for an offer ad campaign.”
Tricia Teschke
Sr. Content and Social Manager

The Bouqs Company

“Bouqs is a human product. The products connect people. The content we share should feel human and authentically connected to that moment. That is why influencers are a big part of our content strategy.”
Tricia Teschke
Sr. Content and Social Manager

The Bouqs Company

“Having diversity in imagery from influencers helps reinforce the authenticity of our campaigns.”
Tricia Teschke
Sr. Content and Social Manager

The Bouqs Company

“The reason why people engage with something organically is because it resonates with them. The way we’re doing that is through Influencer content.”
Tricia Teschke
Sr. Content and Social Manager
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