Tria Beauty

How Tria saved money and boosted sales by managing influencer marketing with Aspire.

Tria Beauty brought Kimberly Ocampo onboard to manage one of the company’s most effective marketing channels: social media. Previously, Tria Beauty relied on agencies to manage their social media content creation and influencer marketing strategies. When the agency failed to produce an effective influencer program, they made the decision to bring the entire influencer program in-house. After struggling to efficiently scale the program, Tria Beauty turned to Aspire’s influencer relationship management system to help find and manage the right influencers. 

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The Challenge

Tria Beauty knew that social media channels like Instagram and YouTube would be the perfect channels for promoting their products. The most effective form of content, Tria found, was having people use their products and post their “before” and “after” results. Tria Beauty’s home laser hair removal and anti-wrinkle treatments give consumers the ability to get professional-looking results without the cost or inconvenience of going to a professional office. 

Kimberly knew that the key to making influencer marketing work was ensuring that only the most authentic posts and reviews were seen by prospective customers. She was only interested in working with the most engaged and authentic influencers.

Unlike beauty products such as makeup or hair care, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments to see the results. Kimberly needed to find the most engaged influencers that she could trust to use the products as directed before giving reports.

Because Tria’s products have specific usage criteria such as hair color or skin type, Kimberly also needed a way to closely monitor and communicate with the influencers who received the products.

The Solution

As Tria Beauty’s products are approved by the FDA and must follow specific usage guidelines, it is absolutely critical that Kimberly finds influencers with just the right skin type or hair color that are also in the correct age range. Tria would risk penalties for false advertising if their influencers did not meet the FDA’s criteria. With Aspire, Kimberly found exactly the right influencers every time. 

Kimberly uses Aspire to look only for influencers with highly engaged followers; she knows that only the most detailed and high-quality reviews of the laser hair removal products will drive results.

Aspire streamlines the entire communication process between Kimberly and her influencers by easily showing her the stage each influencer relationship is in. This helps her to ensure each influencer has the information they need to post the best review possible.

The Results

As a result of using Aspire, Tria Beauty’s influencer marketing campaigns dramatically surpassed their previous results in a number of ways: they have better influencers, connect with them faster, and posts now go live in significantly less time. In addition, Tria Beauty has been able to replace expensive TV advertising with authentic influencer content on YouTube that reaches a more engaged audience. 

The in-depth before and after videos posted on YouTube by influencers such as MakeupbyCheryl have given Tria Beauty the results they were targeting.

Review videos are not only a great way to get the word out about a product; they also serve to answer many of the questions that consumers have about products. Without Aspire’s ability to easily communicate and manage all of their influencers, Kimberly knows that she would be unable to guarantee such high-quality posts—and such excellent results. 

Tria Beauty

“With Aspire, we were able to get 224 posts in just a short period of time. The engagement that we saw was extremely high, which is important for products like ours that require a very informed viewer.”
Kimberly Ocampo
Sr. Social Media Marketing & PR Manager

Tria Beauty

“The content that we found produced the best results were the YouTube ‘before and afters’ where you could really see the impact.”
Kimberly Ocampo
Sr. Social Media Marketing & PR Manager

Tria Beauty

“It takes 6-7 treatments to show a ‘before and after,’ which makes it very important for me to be able to communicate with them.”
Kimberly Ocampo
Sr. Social Media Marketing & PR Manager

Tria Beauty

“Because our products fall outside of most consumers’ impulse-purchase range, people want to see 9-10 pieces of content before they purchase.”
Kimberly Ocampo
Sr. Social Media Marketing & PR Manager
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