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How Does Aspire Benefit Your TikTok Campaigns?

Whether you are looking to create a buzz about a new product, build a content library of hundreds of videos, or generate sales through TikTok, Aspire helps you discover, manage, and scale your relationships with the most in-demand creators out there.

TikTok is more than just silly entertainment — it’s a viable channel for ecommerce sales. In addition to comedy sketches, viral dance videos, and “day in the life” Toks, TikTok creators also post try-on hauls, before-and-after product shots, and their honest opinions about products or brands.

See How To Run TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaigns On Aspire

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TikTok x Aspire Partnership

“Our partnership with Aspire makes it easier for brands to tap into the collective power of our diverse community of creators and reach niche audiences with value-driven products and content.”
Jyri Kidwell
Head of Creative and Creator Partnerships, TikTok

What It Looks Like To Run Your TikTok Influencer Campaign On Aspire

Step 1

Create A Custom Campaign Workflow

Want to grow your TikTok following? Or build a content library to last you a month? Create a campaign workflow for any TikTok campaign strategy. Never miss a task and automate the jobs you hate.

Step 2

Discover Creators,
& Be Discovered

Aspire uniquely allows brands to search for creators while also posting their campaign to our vibrant Creator Marketplace. Find TikTok creators who will help your brand get discovered.

Step 3

Collaborate, Approve,
& Pay Creators

Collaborate with TikTok Creators from briefing to content approval to creator payouts without leaving Aspire.

Step 4

Promote Top
TikTok Content

Extend the life of your top-performing TikTok content. Keep an eye on content performance through the analytics tab, and boost your best content through TikTok ads.

Step 5

Report on ROI  

Use the ROI dashboard to access real-time performance to share with leadership who might be unsure about this new channel. 

Step 6

Reinvest in the Best  

Identify your top performing TikTok creators, and invite them to join an affiliate or ambassador campaign.

Aspire Is An Approved TikTok Marketing Partner

Access first-party data on TikTok’s Creators and campaign performance. First party data means you get the most accurate audience demographics and content performance metrics in a centralized platform. In addition to this:

First Party Data

A direct partnership means you get first party data to audience demographics, interests and content performance.

Features & Capabilities

Aspire is first to hear about new TikTok features and capabilities, which means we are the first to build them into our platform for brands to access.

Strategies & Trends

Aspire is included in all annual industry trend and strategy briefings. This ensures our customers are the first to have the latest trends in their inbox.

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