Influencer Marketing Templates Small Businesses

8 templates to help you run your influencer marketing campaigns. Until you’re ready to onboard an influencer platform, these templates will keep you on track.
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Influencer Discovery

Influencer Budget Calculator

Know your overall budget? Use our calculator to crunch the numbers and see how much you have to work with.

Influencer Outreach List

Keep track of everyone you work with, as well as the stage they are at in your campaign.

Email Outreach Template

Put an end to influencers ghosting your emails. Learn top tips and download our template.

Campaign & Relationship Management

Confirmed Influencer Tracker

Keep track of each influencer relationship, including rates, address, and links to terms.

Campaign Content Guidelines

Include your style guide, content examples, and other ideas to aid influencers.

Collaboration Terms

Outline your content guidelines, compensation, as well as content usage rights.

Campaign Measurement

ROI Tracking Sheet

Calculate your influencer marketing ROI using these metrics and formulas.

ROI Presentation Template

Need buy-in? Prove the full impact of influencer campaigns to your leadership team.