Less Spreadsheets, More Relationships

Scale influencer programs while prioritizing your influencer relationships.
Contact Sales
Custom Landing Pages

Invite Anyone to Join Your Campaign

Generate campaign interest. Branded landing pages make it possible to invite influencers and creators to apply directly to your campaigns.

Automated Processes

Eliminate 90% of
Manual Tasks

The same 5 steps taking up all your time? Automate your most time-consuming processes with structured workflows — like sending contracts, product fulfillment, and more — to free up your day for what matters most.

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Custom Workflows

Create a Workflow That Fits Your Needs

There’s no one-size-fits-all for influencer relationships. Edit your workflow stages to suit each campaign structure.

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Influencer CRM

Organize Your Contacts in One Place

Our influencer CRM streamlines all your influencer and ambassador relationships — so you can ditch the spreadsheets and nurture relationships without the hassle.

Email Integrations

Never Miss a Message

See all communications across teams — in one place. Integrate your Outlook or Gmail so that everyone has visibility to see influencer updates. So if you’re OOO, your teammate can take over.

Plus More

Integrate With Gmail or Outlook
All communications come from you, so you see higher open rates.
Eliminate Back-&-Forth Emails
Make sure nothing gets missed, from outreach to contracts to brand guidelines.
Easily Acquire Content Rights
Get pre-built terms to acquire content ownership rights from day one.
Build a Brand-Safe Content Library
Set up structured approval processes & collaborate across teams.
Integrate Your Shopify Store
Send products, generate promo codes and streamline product seeding campaigns.
Automatically Track Product Shipments
Share progress with partners through our end-to-end product fulfillment tools.